Gold business in India is reaching a new stage: opening of the SG Market partner office in Amritsar, India.


"Without difficulty, gold, silver, and copper were a useless waste rock"

Mahatma Gandhi

India is the largest gold consumer in the world. And remains it for the past 50 years.
Gold is a symbol of prosperity, purity, and luck in India.
11% of the world's gold reserve are held by Indian housewives. It is much more than the amount of gold reserves of the USA, Germany, Switzerland and the International Monetary Fund. This is a huge percentage.
These figures show us that people like to buy gold in India and there are a lot of them who want to run a gold business.
Leaders and partners of SwissGold Market online store decided to open a partner office in India, Amritsar for effective development of the company.

An important part of the SwissGold Market partner's career is training. There are several cabinets for meetings in the office intended specifically for negotiations, a hall for training and improving business skills and supplying of new partners with correct information on the conducting the gold business.
This is our pride. A solid foundation for business development has established in India. It is developing rapidly in this region. 
The grand opening of the SwissGold Market partner office took place on August 20, 2018, and office doors are open for all partners of the company in India and all around the world.

We will be glad to see our partners in the golden city Amritsar at the address:

Ranjit Avenue B Block, near Vishal Mega mart, Amritsar.

Opp municipal Corporation office


SG Market team!

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