SG Market Flash Mob!


On the eve of the most anticipated event, SG Market announces a contest for the most active and creative team of the company!

The company's birthday is an occasion to receive congratulations and recognition of the success of the company as a whole!

We want the clients of the company to share this holiday with us and take part in the action timed to the Company Day.

Participate in the promotion, become the best and get a prize from the company in the form of a gold ingot!

The 1st place - a gold bar weighing 10 grams.
The 2nd place - a gold bar weighing 5 grams
The 3rd place - a gold bar weighing 2 grams

Terms of participation in the promotion:

1) Record a bright and creative video congratulation on the background of the company's advertising attributes.
2) Place on the Facebook page.
3) Before 10.10.2018 send a video greeting to, specifying the address of the Facebook page.
4) The video must be recorded in good quality, with good lighting.
5) The duration of the video is not more than one minute.

The winner will be determined by Facebook users! The votes will be counted on 20.10.2018. The best video congratulation and voting results will be presented to all participants of the company's solemn event on October 21, 2018.

The more reposts, the more likely to become the owner of a magnificent gift!

We wish you success!

Yours faithfully,
Swissgold Market Team!

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