Don't lose your chance to get your golden ticket right now!


Dear partners of SG Market company!
We remind you that less than in 40 days the conference will be held in Morocco. The amount of tickets is limited!
Don't lose your chance to get your golden ticket right now!
The conference will take place at the five star Atlantic Place Hotel in Agadir on the 20th of July 2019.
You can book a room and get a discount on accommodation in this hotel.
While booking a room, contact the hotel administration specifying the code word "SG Market".
Hotel link:
July 20, 2019
Venue: Conference Hall "Theater Hall" at the Hotel "Atlantic Palace".
Address: Seaside and Tourism Sector, 194, 80000 Agadir, Morocco
Preliminary schedule:
- Registration;
- Start of the conference;
- Training from the company SG market;
- Golden Lottery;
- Coffee break;
- Motivational speech from company leaders;
- Awarding 500,000 partners;
- Awarding the winners of the "Gold bar challenge";
- Networking.
Detailed timing will be given to each participant closer to the date of the event in the form of a personal message sent via e-mail or to your personal account in our site.
Business with SG Market has no limits!
Even staying in another country, you can invite potential clients to a business conference so that they could feel the atmosphere of the event, get new useful information for a quick start and become a strong leader in your structure.
Our business is available for everyone who has an Internet!
Let's meet in Agadir! 
Link to the promotional video of the conference is here:

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Best regards,
SG Market team

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