Summer cruise of SG Market company!


Dear partners of the company!

Due to your numerous requests, as well as in connection with the launch of a new marketing program, we have extended the Summer Cruise promotion.

New marketing program has become one of the most profitable in the market of precious metals, and therefore it is much easier to be among the winners of the promotion now! Each of you, having shown activity and determination, can go on an unforgettable journey across the Mediterranean Sea on a luxurious cruise ship with TOP Leaders and representatives of the Company.

In addition, the number of winners of the promotion increases to 18 people.

The promotion Summer Cruise is extended to the 1st of March 2020.

Please read the updated promotion points rules.

Promotion rules:

  • All SG Market clients can participate in the promotion;

  • Points are awarded for each new client in the START, STANDARD, VIP and PREMIUM program during the promotion from the 5th of August 2019 to the 1st of March 2020;

  • Preliminary orders do not participate in a promotion;

  • The winners of the promotion are 18 people who have scored the largest amount of points during the whole time of the promotion;

  • The rating will be displayed on the website and in personal accounts during the whole time of the promotion;

  • The results of the action will be published on the website on the 1st of March 2020.


An example of the bonus units crediting:

Your personal referrals are your first line. For each of them, you receive 10 points in START, 35 points in STANDARD, 150 points in VIP, 525 points in PREMIUM.

The partners invited by your referrals are your second line, you receive 5 points in START, 18 points in STANDARD, 75 points in VIP, 263 points in PREMIUM programs.

When the referrals of your referrals invite new partners, they are your III line, you will receive 3 points in START, 9 points in STANDARD, 38 points in VIP, 132 points in PREMIUM programs.

For completion of the main table with your I line, you are credited 60 points in the program START, 210 points – STANDART, 900 points – VIP, 3150 points –  PREMIUM programs.

For completion of the main table with your II line, you are credited 30 points in the program START, 108 points – STANDARD, 450 points – VIP, 1578 – PREMIUM programs.

For completions of the main table with your III line, you are credited 18 points in the program START, 54 points – STANDARD, 228 points – VIP, 798 – PREMIUM program.


When a referral changes his sponsor:

a) the points are deducted from current sponsor and from his structure;

b) the new sponsor and his structure will not receive the points for the partner who changed sponsor;

c) the points will be deducted after the cancellation of the order by the referral. 

Develop your business, strive to become the best of the best and we are sure that you will get on board of the luxurious ship among the winners!


Best Regards, 

SG Market team!


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