Withdrawal via bank transfer. India


Dear partners!

We hasten to inform you that from 20 September, the company provides a new service for all partners from India - withdrawal in rupees via bank transfer.

All withdrawal requests will be processed by the financial department of the company twice a week on business days. A request for withdrawal of funds should be sent to the support service of the company.

Withdrawals are possible if:

1) Your account is verified.

2) You paid for your order by bank transfer.

3) You completed the cycle, received a reward, and sold the gold bars to SG Market. The amount from the sale of gold bars can be transferred to your bank account. Currency conversion is carried out according to the world market exchange rate on the day the request is processed.

4) You have provided details of a personal bank account.

5) You have provided a photo with a passport at face level.



SG Market team!

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