New Director of Public Relations!


Dear partners and clients of SG Market!

We are pleased to introduce the new Director of Public Affairs of SwissGold Market - Mrs. Isabelle Marchal. The company has signed a contract with Mrs. Isabelle Marchal for one year. Possible changes to the contract will be made by agreement of the parties.

The company carefully negotiated with each candidate and we are pleased to declare that Mrs. Isabelle Marchal proved herself as a knowledgeable and experienced professional, principled and conscientious in her duties. She is distinguished by her creative attitude to business, the desire for self-improvement and continuous professional development. She always focuses on personal growth, discovers and studies activities that have no boundaries.

Mrs. Isabelle Marchal is a graduate of the Sorbonne University and has a master's degree in economics and psychology. She is fluent in English, French and Spanish, which allows her to easily communicate with partners from different countries.

Mrs. Isabelle Marchal intends to conduct public opinion research to adjust the existing plan and concepts of the company to build SG Market’s gold business even more efficiently! Also, Mrs. Isabelle Marchal has thoroughly studied the new marketing of the company and is ready to answer all the questions of clients.

You can contact the Director of Public Relations with your suggestions for the development and improvement of work by e-mail:

SG Market Team!

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