The first SG Market webinar in Hindi!


Important news for all partners from India.

The webinar of Mr. RAJESH MAHAJAN, the leader of the company from India, will take place on October 22, 2019, at 20:30 India Standard Time (IST).

Mr. RAJESH MAHAJAN has extensive experience in network marketing. He is a company leader and has built a structure of thousands of people in the company.

Webinar Program:

- Online business development

- Competitive advantages of affiliated marketing

- Presentation of SG Market.


In order to participate you need to:

1. Follow the link
Click on the "bell" and you will be notified when the broadcast starts;

2. Pass the link to each partner in your structure and potential team member;

3. Make an announcement in your social networks that you will be present at the webinar and repost this post.

SG Market!

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