STANDARD program


Dear partners!

Tomorrow, on 1.06.2021, the STANDARD program will be launched, the daily income of which is + 0.75%. In order to participate in the preliminary launch of STANDARD program, you must:

1) Have an order in the STANDARD bonus program (280 € or 740 €), VIP program (1050 € or 2800 €) or Premium program (3550 € or 9850 €.)

2) Have a maximum deposit on the START investment program (10,000 €)

In honor of the company's 9th anniversary, we are opening the STANDARD program for all leaders. Leaders of the company will be able to make a deposit in the program without fulfilling the above pre-launch conditions.

Safe investments are a reality and SG Market investors have successfully convinced of this.

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Best regards,

SG Market Team!



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