Greetings from the new
Director of Public Affairs of SG Market

Dear partners and customers of SwissGold Market!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Isabelle Marchal. I am the new Director of Public Relations at SG Market. 
I intend to conduct public opinion research to adjust the existing plan and concepts of the company to build an even more effective SGMarket’ gold business! 

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The first SG
Market webinar in Hindi!

Important news for all partners from India.

The webinar of Mr. RAJESH MAHAJAN, the leader of the company from India, will take place on October 22, 2019, at 20:30 India Standard Time (IST).

Mr. RAJESH MAHAJAN has extensive experience in network marketing. He is a company leader and has built a structure of thousands of people in the company.

Webinar Program:

- Online business development

- Competitive advantages of affiliated marketing

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Webinar: "How to
start from scratch?"

Dear partners of SG Market!

We hasten to inform you that online webinar of the leader of the company from Mexico Mr. Diego Oswaldo Garcia de Anda will be held very soon. Mr. Diego Oswaldo Garcia de Anda has been a successful and active partner of the company since 2015 and is ready to share the secrets of success with each participant

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Webinar: SG
Market opportunities

Dear partners of SG Market!

- How long have you wanted to know something new?
- How long have you wanted to know the benefits of SG Market’s business?
- Could you be interested in the MLM type of business?
- You have not received new information for a long time?

In that case, we have great news for you! 

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New Director of
Public Relations!

Dear partners and clients of SG Market!

We are pleased to introduce the new Director of Public Affairs of SwissGold Market - Mrs. Isabelle Marchal. The company has signed a contract with Mrs. Isabelle Marchal for one year. Possible changes to the contract will be made by agreement of the parties.

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Withdrawal via
bank transfer. India

Dear partners!

We hasten to inform you that from 20 September, the company provides a new service for all partners from India - withdrawal in rupees via bank transfer.

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Dear partners of SG Market! 

We invite you to our weekly webinars. Please check the schedule of the webinars for this week.

August, 6 (Tuesday)

TRAINING for new partners:

* Getting started with the website;

* Best business strategies to conduct the business;

* From ZERO to HERO business plan;

* Leadership Cruise competition;

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Mr. Sandy Lamothe resigns from
the post of Director of Public Affairs

Dear partners of SG Market company!

The company officially declares that Mr Sandy Lamothe ceases to act as Director of Public Affairs at the expiry of his fixed-term appointment. The company thanks Mr Sandy Lamothe for the cooperation and wishes him successful work in the future.

At the moment, the company is in negotiations with candidates for the post of Director of Public Affairs. Please follow the news.

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Summer cruise of
SG Market company!

Dear partners of the company!

Due to your numerous requests, as well as in connection with the launch of a new marketing program, we have extended the Summer Cruise promotion.

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Business Presentation and
New Marketing Strategy | WEBINAR

Dear partners of SG Market company!

We implement a system of regular live broadcasts for business presentations and current news, support of the leaders and motivation of the new customers.

We would like to invite you to the next webinar that will be provided in two parts and will be held on the 1st and 2nd of August at 16:00 (GMT) via the company's YouTube channel. Presenter – Mrs.Julia Zhmailik, a leader of the 6th level.

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