Only at SG Market Company! Gold’s Declining Price


Dear partners!

As you know, fixing LBMA Gold Price is an indicative value that is used around the world, but each company has its own pricing policy. Pricing strategies are an important element in the marketing of a company.

We are pleased to announce that the pricing policy of the company was reviewed by the specialists of the financial department and the prices for investment gold bars were reduced.

At the moment, 1 gram of gold bar costs 55 Euro instead of 61 Euro, 2 grams of gold bar costs 108 Euro instead of 120 Euro. Prices have been reduced for absolutely all investment bars that are presented in the store.

Only at SG Market you can buy gold at a bargain price.

Discover the world of gold and financial success with SG Market.


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Best regards,

SG Market team!

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