Launching of the STANDARD investment program!


Dear partners!

The management team of SG Market always meets its customers halfway and contributes to business development. Due to numerous requests from our partners, the company decided to launch the STANDARD program on 1.06.2021.

To participate in the pre-launch, the client must:

1) have an order in the STANDARD bonus program (280 € or 740 €), VIP program (1050 € or 2800 €) or Premium program (3550 € or 9850 €.)

2) have a maximum deposit on the START investment program (10,000 €)

We remind you that the main launch of the STANDARD program for owners of the STANDARD order (280 € or 740 €), VIP order (1050 € or 2800 €) or Premium order (3550 € or 9850 €.) will be launched on 1.09.2021.

If you have any questions, you can contact the company's support service for detailed information.

Discover the world of gold and financial success with SG Market.

Best regards,

SG Market team!






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