Credit card as
a payment method

Dear partners!

You can pay for your order within 30 minutes using your MasterCard or Visa.

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SG Market:
payment methods.

Dear partners of SG Market!

We hasten to inform you that all technical problems associated with the automatic acceptance of payments via bitcoin have been successfully resolved.

Now you can easily and quickly place your order or add funds to your internal euro account using cryptocurrency. Funds will be credited automatically as soon as they arrive at the company's wallet.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

SG Market team!

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The quarantine and recession of the economies of many countries hit hard on small and medium businesses. A lot of people were left without a job. More and more people are looking for opportunities to make money online and are considering MLM as a way. 
That is why we invite you to anti-crisis training, where you can find out: 

Anti-crisis solution for difficult times.

Gold as a reliable asset in all times of crisis.

How to start your business online?

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Making money with SG
Market has become even easier!

Dear partners!

We are pleased to announce that from 11.03.2020 the SG Market company launches a new, terrific promo-action. The income is possible and real, both for beginners and experienced leaders. Follow the simple conditions of the promo-action and receive a stable profit!

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Cruise 2020

Dear partners of SG Market!

The promotion action "Summer Cruise 2020" has come to an end, and we are pleased to congratulate the winners. The company thanks every winner and wishes further prosperity. Unfortunately, the date of the cruise is postponed indefinitely due to force majeure circumstances in the world.

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¡Saludos de año
nuevo de SG Market!

SG Market le agradece su cooperación efectiva y le desea a cada equipo una feliz Navidad.

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¡Reglas de acreditación de
puntos de Crucero actualizadas!

¡Estimados socios de SG Market!

Para apoyar a los equipos que trabajan en tablas Preliminares, la compañía introduce nuevas reglas para acumular puntos de crucero.

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Greetings from the new
Director of Public Affairs of SG Market

Dear partners and customers of SwissGold Market!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Isabelle Marchal. I am the new Director of Public Relations at SG Market. 
I intend to conduct public opinion research to adjust the existing plan and concepts of the company to build an even more effective SGMarket’ gold business! 

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Seminario web: «¿Cómo
comenzar desde ceros?»

¡Estimados socios de SG Market!

Nos apresuramos a anunciar que pronto se llevará a cabo el seminario web en línea del líder de la compañía de México, el Sr. Diego Oswaldo Garcia de Anda. El Sr. Diego Oswaldo Garcia de Anda es un socio exitoso y activo de la compañía desde 2015 y está dispuesto a compartir los secretos del éxito con cada participante.

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oportunidades de negocio de SG Market!

¡Estimados socios de la compañía SG Market!

- ¿Hace mucho tiempo querías aprender algo nuevo?
- ¿Hace mucho tiempo querías descubrir las ventajas del negocio de SG Market?
- ¿No estarías interesado en los tipos de MLM negocio?
- ¿Hace mucho tiempo no recibías una nueva información?

¡Entonces tenemos una excelente noticia para tí!

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