Withdrawal of funds


Dear partners of SG Market company!

Pay attention to the updated withdrawal conditions. The Financial Department of SG Market investigated many transactions such as the transfer of funds between the company's partners. Due to the increased fraudulent actions of many partners, the company is introducing new rules for withdrawing funds. 

Withdrawal of funds is possible if:

1) You have completed the cycle, received a reward and sold the gold bars you received to SG Market. The amount from the sale of gold bars can be transferred to your personal wallet.
2) You have topped up your account by the "Add funds" section and have not used the funds. The amount credited to the account can also be transferred to your personal wallet
3) You have received leadership bonuses, purchased gold bars and sold your bars back to the company.
4) You have received a referral bonus. 
5) You have invested in an investment program and made a profit.

Please take into account that withdrawal of funds is possible ONLY under the above conditions. In other cases, you can purchase company coupons or place your order.

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Best regards,
SG Market Team!

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