Updated terms of the investment program


Dear partners!

The updated rules of the investment program come into force on 1.04.2022. We recommend you study the updates carefully and share the news with your team.

1. Referral bonuses.

The updated rules for crediting referral bonuses come into force on 1.04.2022. To receive a referral bonus from deposits of your structure, you need to make a personal deposit of at least 300 Euros for the START program, 1000 Euros for the STANDARD program, 3000 Euros for the VIP program, 9000 Euros for the Premium program. In order to receive referral bonuses in all programs, it is necessary to fulfill the minimum conditions in each investment program. For example, you have made a deposit of 300 Euros in the START program and deposited funds of 700 Euros in the VIP program. If your invitee makes a deposit in the VIP program, then the referral bonus will be credited to the sponsor, higher in structure, who has a minimum deposit of 3000 Euros in the VIP program. You will receive a referral bonus for all invitees who have made a deposit to the START program because you have fulfilled the minimum condition of the program.

2. Minimum and maximum amount of deposits

We remind you that the VIP program will be launched on 1.04.2022. The minimum deposit amount in the VIP program is 1000 Euros. The maximum deposit amount is 10.000 Euros

Also, from 1.04.2022, the maximum amount of deposits for the STANDARD program will be increased and will be 20.000 Euros.

The rules for the PROMO program remain the same.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the support team.


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