Notification for the
partner of SwissGold Market Company!

Dear partners!

SwissGold Market and any of its affiliate doesn't offer any kind of investment opportunity, guaranteed income, investment consultation or advice. Nobody forced to buy any product at the marketplace in order to get guaranteed business income, business model or franchise. Participation in Marketing Program is able for every partner and absolutely voluntary, doesn't imply any obligations on a participant.


SG Market team!

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Preliminary tables!

Dear partners of SG Market company!

SG Market company is ready to meet the needs of its clients and also does its best for the successful business development of partners. By the numerous requests of SGMarket customers, it was decided to introduce the Preliminary Program again. Customers of SG Market can place their orders in the section "Order table".


If you have any additional questions, please, contact SG Market support team.


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Important news for
all SGMarket partners!

Dear partners of SGMarket!

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The 6th anniversary
of SGMarket Company!

Dear partners of the company!

We are happy to congratulate you on the 6th anniversary of SGMarket. We sincerely thank all partners for successful cooperation and fruitful activity.

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Transfer of the
Preliminary orders to the Main tables

Our Company is growing and developing itself continuously, and also does its best for the successful business development of our partners. We are pleased to announce that 14.02.2018 all Preliminary orders will be transformed to the Main considering the appropriate recalculation of qualifications. The completion of the cycle will be counted according to the program of the Main table.
Specialists of the support service are ready to answer any arising questions.

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Congratulations to the winners in the promotion
"New Year's flashmob" from SGMarket company!

We thank our leaders who took the time, recorded these positive New Year congratulations and shared with us a good mood, strengthened the corporate spirit. We want to reciprocate and present a prize -a START box with a 1 gr of gold bar and a n anniversary coin of SG company weighing 1 gr. We are waiting for you at the meetings and wish you successes this year! Let it bring you rapid growth and a lot of positive emotions!

Congratulations on the victory:

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Winners of the
"Leadership cruise 2018"

Congratulations to the winners of the "Leadership Cruise 2018" campaign!

Dear partners and clients of the company! We are glad to see you all with us again in the new 2018! Summing up the results of the 2017, we congratulate everyone on the end of the "Leadership Cruise" campaign, and especially the winners for their well-deserved victory! Do not stop at what you have achieved and see you on board!

1) John Eguolor Mukoro

2) Frank Agu

3) Eugene Adigu

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See you soon
in the New 2018!

SGMarket congratulates everyone and wishes a happy New Year! We thank you for spending this year with us. See you soon in the New 2018!


Sincerely, SGMarket team

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from Max Lawrence!

Dear partners, clients and leaders of the company!

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Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!

SGMarket wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year of 2018. We would like to wish you success, prosperity and rapid growth in your gold business. We are glad and grateful for you having spent this year with us, and we are sure that next year we will also be together! May you always be surrounded by the dearest and closest people, and let well-being, happiness, health and love never leave your home!

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