Dubai is ready to conquer the tops with the company SwissGold Market!




The new stage of golden business in Dubai. 
The conference in Dubai became the key to the development of the golden business within the territory of the Emirates. Its main goals were to expand the client base of the company and strengthen the motivation of our partners. 

The seminars brightly and intelligently disclosed the advantages of the company, business, and product. Such meetings are very inspiring and give a role model to new potential partners: they learn to make high -quality presentations and to provide information about the "gold" business creatively. 

The partners felt the excitement with the news provided by the Director of Public Affairs Sandy Lamothe and the company's leader Olesya Galusha on strengthening the position of the company in the market. It was achieved through the opening of a partner's office, a local bank account, as well as obtaining additional local registration. The company is stable and not only attracts new partners but also inspires the leaders of the company.


SG Market team!

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