Closed leadership summit 2019, Turkey.


Dear partners of SG Market!

We are pleased to inform you that the first Closed leadership summit was successfully held in Turkey on March 29-31, 2019.

It was attended by the leaders from Morocco, Algeria, Belgium, South Africa, Mexico, India, Ukraine, Russia and Japan.

During the event, innovations were submitted and highly appreciated by the leaders of the company.

On March 30th, the following projects were presented: 

• new, improved marketing. The launch will take place in the spring of 2019;
• updated website of SG Market;
• intellect-bot;
• visualisation of the new brand book and corporate identity;
• SMM and E-mail Marketing;
• Call-Centre 24/7;
• branded tools for successful work of leaders and quick start of new customers, such as: 
• business book;
• direct-kit;
• partner code;
• phone call script;
• video materials;
• "SG Magazine";
• road map of the company's development for 2019-2020;

• comprehensive PR-support of the German company and much more.

On March 31st, the leadership round table was held, where the partners shared their impressions.

Each leader is ready for active work and has all the tools for business development.

All elaborated materials have been translated into five languages and adapted to the work.
We are ready for a new, enhanced stage of development of SG Market and have set a great goal: to become a leader in the market of precious metals and mlm by 2020.

We have created and gradually introduced high-tech tools that will allow each client to build a team of thousands in the shortest time.
In the near future, we will send all materials to an e-mail of each partner who was at the Closed leadership summit in Turkey.
Be sure to check your email address and subscribe to all our official info resources to stay up to date with the latest news.

P.S. The full photo report can be downloaded here:

Welcome to the world of gold and financial success!




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