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Dear partners!

We are pleased to announce that from 11.03.2020 the SG Market company launches a new, terrific promo-action. The income is possible and real, both for beginners and experienced leaders. Follow the simple conditions of the promo-action and receive a stable profit!

From 11.03.2020 to 11.06.2020, orders registered under the START, STANDARD, VIP or PREMIUM Programs receive an additional bonus reward in the amount of internet service subscription fee for each direct invitee. During the promo-action, it is not necessary to complete a qualification in order to receive a referral bonus. 
Referral bonus is credited for each new partner.

Funds will be blocked for 72 hours according to the cancellation policy.
In the case of reinvestment referral bonus is not credited. If the sponsor is changed or the order is cancelled by an invited person, the referral bonus is not credited.

*The referral bonus will be credited for a new partner who placed his order on 11.03.2020 or later in the program START, STANDARD, VIP or PREMIUM.

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