Dear customers and partners of the company SG Market!

Today July 2, 2019, we are very pleased to announce you the launch of a new marketing system!

Our team of specialists has been actively engaged in the development and implementation of new marketing for the last few months. It took a lot of time and patience at each stage from all employees of the company.

All your letters and appeals that came to the support service with questions about new marketing gave the SG Market team the strength and confidence that we were on the right way.

We tried not to change the familiar interface of work on the site.
With the start of the new site, you will have access to all the functionality, as well as the history of the previous period of work.

We draw your attention to the fact that some changes in the conditions of the marketing program have been made and they will come into full force on July 2, 2019. You can get acquainted with them in the section Terms and Conditions of the marketing program.

We will be extremely grateful if you evaluate the result of our efforts. In case of finding any inaccuracies or errors, please report them to the support service.

We thank everyone for your patience and look forward to further cooperation.
We are improving our work every day in the hope to create for you the best conditions for the development of your business!

Best regards,
SG Market team!

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