Mr. Sandy Lamothe: training video.

04 December 2018
Mr. Sandy Lamothe: training video.

Dear clients of SwissGold Market Company!

Not so much time has passed since the International Conference in honor of the 6th anniversary of the company, and we are glad that this event did not pass without a trace in the hearts of our clients!

This event was attended by over 300 people, united by common goals, ideas and visions of the future!The program was full of speeches, and all guests of the conference received valuable training material, as well as motivation to achieve new gold peaks, after listening to the speeches of our speakers.
At your request, we would like to share with partners a brief video report of the speech of Public Affairs Director Mr. Sandy Marcano Lamothe, who gave a detailed description of the possibilities and rules for running the gold business!

We hope that links to videos will be useful for creating presentations and your own training material!

1. What is SwissGold Market?

2. Marketing Program of SwissGold Market.

3. How do Standard (740€) tables of orders function?

4. Leadership Program of SwissGold Market.

* The information is genuine and relevant at the time of the celebration of the 6th anniversary of the company.

Presentation slides you can download from the link:

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SG Market team!