Updated withdrawal terms

13 February 2019
Updated withdrawal terms

Dear partners of SG Market Company!

Pay attention to updated withdrawal terms. The financial department of SG Market has explored many transactions and operations such as transferring funds between clients of the company. Due to the frequent fraudulent activities of many partners, the company has introduced new withdrawal rules.

Withdrawal is possible if:

1) You completed the cycle, received a reward and the gold bars received were sold to SG Market. The amount from the sale of gold bars can be transferred to your bank account.

2) You have credited your account in the “Add funds” section and did not use the funds. The amount credited to the account can also be transferred to your personal bank account.

3) You received leadership bonuses, purchased gold bars and sold your gold bars to the company.

4) You have received a referral bonus. The amount of the referral bonus can be transferred to your personal bank account.

Please note that withdrawal is possible ONLY with the above conditions. In other cases, you can purchase coupons from the company or place your order.

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SG Market team!