Investment program SG Market!


Dear partners!


On December 1, the beta version of the SG Market website was launched!

Congratulations to the first investors, and we wish you successful and productive work in the new program.

We have not changed the interface of work on the site that you are used to, but we have added a separate section "Investments", in which you can control your daily income.

You can find detailed information about the new program in the presentation “Investment Program”.

Follow the link in order to get acquainted with the program.

Also, in the section "Investments" - "Add funds" - "Rules", you can familiarize yourself with the investment contract of SG Market.

If you find any errors, please report them the support service.

Thank you for your patience and look forward to further cooperation.

We are improving our work every day to create the best conditions for the development of your business!


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Best regards,

SG Market team!

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