Changes in the marketing program - entering
the Leadership Program in START tables of order.

Due to the development of the company, new tools and opportunities, we are modifying the marketing program by entrance the leadership with START tables in order to accelerate and increase the income of our partners. 

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Gold business in India is reaching a new stage:
opening of the SG Market partner office in Amritsar, India.

"Without difficulty, gold, silver, and copper were a useless waste rock"

Mahatma Gandhi

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Opening of an
administrative office in Amritsar, India!

Expansion of business is a logical step made by the company according to its development.

We are pleased to announce that SwissGold Market has opened an administrative office in India, Amritsar.

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SwissGold Market company opened
an administrative office in China.

SwissGold Market informs its partners about the expansion of its corporate presence by opening a new administrative office in Shenzhen, China.

There are a lot of motivated people, a dynamic culture, and a strong desire to realize their business ideas in China.

The company has great prospects for the development of the Chinese market, and we chose the right time to open a new office.

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Dubai is ready to conquer the tops
with the company SwissGold Market!



The new stage of golden business in Dubai. 
The conference in Dubai became the key to the development of the golden business within the territory of the Emirates. Its main goals were to expand the client base of the company and strengthen the motivation of our partners. 

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Updating of Terms and
Conditions of Marketing program

亲爱的Swissgold Market的合作伙伴!

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Sign up for a visit of the
SwissGold Market’s Office in Hong Kong!

First of all, the office is a proof of the stability and continuous development of the gold business. This is an indicator of the particular success of business in Asia. After all, Hong Kong is one of the leading financial centers of Asia and the whole world. The results of customers confirm the confidence of the company and customers in the future.

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亲爱的Swissgold Market公司的合作伙伴!

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亲爱的SwissGold Market公司的合作伙伴!

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