The first online webinar of SG Market company!


Dear partner of SG Market company!

We invite you to the first online SG Market webinar, which will be held on the 21st of April at 16:00 London time.

We introduce a system of regular live broadcasts in order to provide business presentations and current news, to support leaders and high-quality motivation for new customers.

The theme of the first webinar is “New marketing and a review of innovations for 2019”. The first webinar will be led by Mr. Sandy Lamothe, director of public relations.

At the webinar you will learn:

- how the closed summit took place in Turkey on March 29-31, 2019;

- how the new marketing and its benefits work;

- how new marketing will be implemented;

- who became the half-million client of the company;

- what innovations await you in 2019.

An electronic form of materials will be sent to all participants of the webinar for further fruitful work.

The live broadcast will be conducted on the company's official YouTube channel.

In order to participate, you need:

1. Follow the link

Click on the "bell" icon and you will receive a notification about the start of the broadcast;

2. Provide the link to each partner of your structure;

3. Make an announcement in your social networks that you will attend the webinar and repost this announcement.

We are sure that participation in the online webinar will become a new stage in business development together with the company SG Market.

See you on the 21st of April at 16:00 (London time)

SG Market Team!

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