Greetings from the new Director of Public Affairs of SG Market


Dear partners and customers of SwissGold Market!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Isabelle Marchal. I am the new Director of Public Relations at SG Market. 
I intend to conduct public opinion research to adjust the existing plan and concepts of the company to build an even more effective SGMarket’ gold business! 

The company has come a long way and has achieved a lot in its 7 years of existence, not only taking a leading position, but also changing the lives of thousands of people, but the most important is still to come.  

I propose to build together a unique company with new values, which would be globally competitive. I propose to build a company in which each client will get spiritual satisfaction as well as a material one! A company that will help everyone to realize themselves and achieve financial freedom! 

I am sure that the quality of work of any company is largely due to long-term and reliable relationships with partners.  Therefore, for me as a public relations director, the first thing to do is to build a trusting relationship with the leaders of the company.   Success depends on joint work and that is why our team is ready to consider all your ideas and wishes! 

As for my goals for the next 6 months:

- First of all, I want to bring to a new level the dialogue between the company and clients

- Then to make changes to the existing development plan in accordance with the requirements of the company's partners

- To expand the company's position in the global market

- To provide the conditions necessary for the development of each team

- To improve the quality of customer service

- To identify new promising markets

- To increase the number of company leaders

We have worked and continue to work without looking back at our competitors because the most important asset is our partners!  We have interesting prospects and global plans ahead of us! 

Be the best!
Have the best!


Isabelle Marchal!

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